Tile and stone flooring is often seen as cold and unwelcoming—and not the right choice for a family home. Many homeowners feel that snuggly carpet or elegant hardwood flooring is the only way to go. They might not have even looked into stone!


We at UB Hardwoods have been working with stone floorings for years, and there’s a reason for that. Stone flooring boasts many advantages over carpets, such as triexta and wood floors. In the right situation, in fact, it can be the most economical choice for even the most budget-strapped family. Read on to discover what stone flooring can do for your home’s comfort levels and appeal.

Aesthetically Versatile

Don’t limit yourself to a preconception of what stone flooring has to look like. It comes in countless, all-natural finishes and colors, including:


●        Marble. Nothing says high-class like straight marble floors. However, most people tend to associate marble with coldness, as greys and blacks are the only color options for this flooring type that come to mind. However, marble is available in browns, whites, mahogany shades, and even multicolored mixes. Nobody said a marble floor had to create a chilly air.

●        Slate. Not all slate is the grey-blue that its name might suggest! It actually comes in all sorts of hues, from copper to navy (yes, blue). You’ve got options.

●        Mosaic. If you thought your stone flooring had to be bland and single colored, think again. Creating a mosaic with various colors brings a one-of-a-kind look to any home. Mosaic flooring can create any vibe you want, from powerful and elegant to fun and bright.

●        Granite. This type of stone floor comes in countless colors too, from red to black to grey. Its rich hues have long made it coveted for countertops, but it’s a great choice for flooring too. Again, don’t feel like your stone flooring has to be a certain color or way; you have many more options than you think you do!

Tough as Stone

Stone flooring is literally made out of rock. It’s built to last, stand up to kids and pets, and everything in between. Moreover, certain types of stone flooring are impervious to moisture damage, and many have some degree of stain resistance thanks to the clear finish applied before flooring installation. For the homeowner that deals with heavy foot traffic, there’s almost no better flooring choice.

In Need of Stone Flooring Installation? UB Hardwoods Has you Covered

Stone flooring, for all its strength, needs to be installed precisely to ensure longevity. Since this type of flooring can be quite an investment, it pays in the long term to hire the Plymouth Minnesota professionals at UB Hardwoods. Give us a call today at 763-807-4500.

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