The English language contains many negative phrases about stone. Somebody’s heart can be “cold as stone,” and “a rolling stone gathers no moss,” for example. But when it comes to flooring, stone really rocks! Stone flooring stands up to spills and brute force alike, and its regal appearance lends itself to a great deal of decorational styles.

Just like any type of flooring, stone flooring has unique characteristics that make it a better fit for some households over others. If you’re shopping for stone, you’re in luck! UB Hardwoods is here to help. Let’s go over the basics of stone flooring so you can make an informed decision for your project.


We see rocks on the ground outside every day, so you might wonder why anyone would want flooring made of such a common material. But there’s unique beauty to be found in natural things.

Have you ever looked at a lump of stone and imagined what its markings would look like transposed onto the floor beneath your feet? The effect can be quite striking! Furthermore, not all stone floors are made out of common materials; Everything from marble to granite has been used for flooring purposes.

On the functional side of things, here’s what you can expect from stone flooring:

●        It’s tough against stains. Depending on the absorbency rating of the stone flooring you’re eyeing up, it could be impervious to water absorption and thus impervious to staining. However, this can vary greatly depending on what kind of stone flooring you’re buying, so always check with the experts before making your purchase!

●        It’s long lasting. When properly maintained and installed by a skilled team, you can expect your stone flooring to look gorgeous for decades without needing replacement.

●        It’s best when installed by a professional. Just like hardwood or carpet, stone flooring is an investment. To get the most return on that investment in the form of many years of service, it’s best to hire a professional who has specialized tools and decades of experience to tackle the task.


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