You enjoy sitting on your patio and taking in the colors, smells, and textures of the great outdoors. Do you often wish you could incorporate more of that natural vibe in your home? Stone tiles installed by UB Hardwoods are a beautiful option when you are looking to add interest to your home using natural materials that also deliver a long-lasting flooring surface.

Extending the Patio into the Open Concept Dining Area

Create that seamless entertaining area for those epic Summer celebrations when you connect your back patio with your open-concept living area by extending the stone flooring used outside over the threshold and into the kitchen and dining area. Stone is naturally water resistant, stands up to endless foot traffic, and brings warm colors and textures to your decor.

A Foyer with a Floor that Works with Mud and Snow

Your front entry welcomes all your visitors and family members inside, but how often are you kicking off the snow, ice, and mud from your shoes? Hardwoods or rugs require constant maintenance to resist this constant onslaught. When you opt for stone tiles, simply mop up the mess, and your floor will continue to look like new for years. Find a tile that blends with your interior color design and create a foyer that is practical and pretty.

Enjoying the Beauty of Nature in Your Master Spa

Have you ever spent the weekend at a spa and come home dreaming of babbling brooks filled with colorful stones? New stone products can recreate the look and feel of pebbles, river rock, or mosaics that work with your walk-in rain shower to build on the impression of a luxurious getaway right in your master suite. Professional installation techniques can add no-slip finishes so you are able to enjoy the unique design without worry.

Classical Elegance with Marble

How often have you visited a historic building and dreamed of owning those stunning marble floors? Marble remains one of the most popular, luxury looks. Consider adding a geometric design to your entry or use a single color for a sumptuous and stunning flooring option.

If you would like to explore all the possibilities that a natural stone floor offers, come and visit the UB Hardwoods Showroom in Golden Valley, or give us a call at 763-807-4500 for a professional in-home appraisal and no-obligation estimate.

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