New flooring instantly improves the look of your home. Not only will you find it easier to maintain and clean, your home's value will increase as well. Getting these benefits means you have to decide if you want to tackle the installation project yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. UB Hardwoods not only sells an array of flooring materials, we also provide top-notch professional installation of everything we sell. Here's why you should let UB Hardwoods install your flooring:

1. Expertise

Each of the beautiful flooring materials UB Hardwoods sells requires its own specific installation methods and tools. Knowing the most efficient and professional way of doing so ensures that our customers always have the results they expect.

Because we have the tools that are necessary for each installation job on-hand, there's no need for us to stop in the middle of installation to run to the hardware store for supplies which is what many people find themselves doing if they attempt to install flooring themselves. This means that we can quickly complete the installation and be out of your way.

2. Versatile

At UB Hardwoods, we pride ourselves on our versatility. Whether you purchase your flooring from us or you bought it somewhere else, we're happy to install it for you. We also tackle jobs of all sizes with the same care and careful attention to detail. Whether you have a complex, custom installation project in a brand-new home, you're remodeling a series of multi-family homes or you have one room in your own home that needs flooring installed, you can count on our personable, polite and professional team of installers to give it the same care and attention that we give our own homes.

3. Service

UB Hardwoods knows that every home improvement project comes with a budget. We provide you with a free estimate so you know how our services fit into your budget. UB Hardwoods also offers financing options to make the process of improving your home easier on you. Contact us today to learn more about the financing options we offer!

4. Respect

We understand that your home is your oasis from the outside world. At UB Hardwoods, we respect your time and your space. We work with you to install your flooring on a day and time that's convenient to you. When we're finished, we clean up behind ourselves so you're left with nothing but a beautiful floor!

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