Chances are your life is pretty busy. Whether you're a professional in the process of establishing yourself in your career, you have a growing family, or you're enjoying your retirement years, the last thing you want to worry about is if your flooring can keep up with your life! Tile is one material that can solve multiple flooring problems at one time!

1. Low Maintenance

Compared to other surfaces in your home, your flooring gets the bulk of the foot traffic and the dirt, grime, and debris that it brings in. And with your busy life, you don't have a lot of time or inclination to take care of it. You would also probably want to spend your money on other splurges instead of complex cleaning routines and solutions. Tile is a low-maintenance flooring material that needs only minimal care to retain its good looks.

2. Durable

Do you have pets or children? Are you concerned about the effects of their activities on your flooring? Pet accidents and claws can wreak havoc on carpet, laminate, and wood flooring. Tile is the ideal choice, because unlike with carpeting, pet accidents won't lead to a soaked floor. Pet claws might cause damage to laminate flooring, but tile's harder surface is unaffected by them.

Children's feet, as well as their tendencies to drop objects and make messes, can make other types of flooring difficult to keep clean. With tile, you simply need to wipe up messes as soon as you notice them.

3. Free of Allergens

Today's focus on allergens means that more people are aware of the role that their home environment can cause on their own allergies as well as those of any vulnerable people in their families. Those easily affected by allergens include infants, the elderly, or those with breathing problems. Tile does not harbor those materials that can cause people with allergies to become miserable. Pet dander, bacteria, dirt, and other types of debris don't settle into tile like they do in the fibers of carpeting. And unlike tile, carpeting can trap these materials and make it difficult for you to remove them. Cleaning tile regularly with a simple mild soap and water solution helps keep the allergens at bay.

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