Making a flooring decision isn’t something that happens instantaneously—usually, that is. While some people go into floor installation knowing exactly what they want, many times, there is a lot of talking with a professional, working out the kinks and making the way towards a flooring choice that fits the client’s needs.

This is, in fact, exactly what you can expect when you work with UB Hardwoods. Whether virtually or in-person, you’ll find our expertise at the ready and picking the perfect flooring thus as easy as pie. But we don’t just advise; we go above and beyond to provide you with the pinnacle of customer service.

When you Work With UB Hardwoods, Expect Attentiveness

Flooring isn’t a renovation to be taken lightly. While many materials are budget-friendly, of course, it still remains a more expensive project than, say, painting a wall or putting together a new dining table.

That’s why we at UB Hardwoods have worked hard to hone our listening skills; even though we do this every day, we never forget that, for you, this renovation is big, and your concerns deserve to be heard out.

●        We ask questions. We get to the root of what you need in a flooring by following up your thoughts with questions of our own.

●        We’re always on time. It’s just part of listening well: being there when the client needs it.

●        We make tailored, specific recommendations. We won’t just point you in a direction; we’ll recommend specific brands and materials within those brands that are catered to your requirements.

When you Work With UB Hardwoods, Expect Care

This is more than a simple day job to us; it’s helping families just like ours create the home of their dreams. It’s a role we take pride in, and a role we strive to play well. When you contact us, you’ll be working with a down-home business with employees who know their stuff and are more than happy to share their skills with you.

This isn’t just a characteristic you’ll find in our consultants, but in our entire flooring team, from those who work in flooring installation to those who provide floor care advice. We’re honored to be a part of your home’s future.

UB Hardwoods: If you Need Floor, Say no More

Our Plymouth team is at the ready, waiting to streamline the flooring process and make your home shine. Give us a call today at 763-807-4500.

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