Stairs: we all jokingly love to hate how hard they are to climb up, but they’re a necessary part of many American homes. Building up is more space-efficient than building out, after all. And because they’re a fixture in your to-be-renovated home, you’re left with the task of finding the right flooring for them.

Sound easy? It can be, but stairs serve a unique purpose—providing a way for a person to change floors, obviously—that means you’ll need to make special considerations if they figure into your flooring plan. UB Hardwoods, your Plymouth provider of everything from hardwood to vinyl floors, has more below.

Assessing Grippiness

We’ve all tripped going down—or more embarrassingly, up—the stairs before. It’s no fun at any age, but for those with especially young or old family members, it can mean serious injury. Thus, regardless, it’s important when flooring stairs that you consider how much traction a given material provides before making a final decision.

However, if you’re in love with, say, hardwood flooring, but worry about its grippiness, you don’t need to ditch it entirely. Rugs not only add a playful splash of color to your stairway decor, but they can provide much-needed traction too, making even slicker flooring types suitable for stair use.

Combine that with what you love about your ideal flooring type and you can make your staircase an eye-popping decor centerpiece without it becoming a safety hazard.

What About Installation?

Aside from flooring an irregularly shaped room, stairs are one of the hardest spots in a home for the DIYer to get right. Because each step is, most likely, perfectly congruent, any mistake in measurement will be glaring. Compounding the obviousness of error, your “oopsies” might be at eye level if a person is ascending the staircase!

If you ever need stairs done, we at UB Hardwoods strongly recommend professional floor installation. Not only is it a stress-free solution, as you don’t need to worry about mistakes, but you’ll be able to take pride in your gorgeous home after the work is done—not so with the hack job that many amateur staircase projects unfortunately boil down to.

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