Vacuuming and sweeping are usually all you have to do to keep your hardwood floors looking fabulous because they’re such a low-maintenance flooring option. But as you contemplate spring cleaning, you should consider these tips to keep your floors looking beautiful this spring — and for years to come.


●        Do not use abrasive cleaning products | They can damage the floors. Only use cleaners designed for the type of flooring you have — if you are not sure what to use, contact UB Hardwoods in Plymouth, and we can help you find the right cleaner for you.


●        Follow the directions exactly | When it is time to do a deep clean on your hardwood floors, be sure to follow the directions on the cleaner’s label. And do not use too much liquid while you are cleaning — standing water can cause damage and warp wood floors. When you are done, be sure to wipe up any excess water with a towel that is clean and dry.


●        Keep up with spills | To make sure your floors look great for a long time, be sure to wipe up spills, dirt and, debris right away. This will help prevent moisture from soaking into the floors and prevent debris from scratching them.


●        Sweep or vacuum regularly | One of the best ways to make sure specks of dirt and dust don’t cause lasting damage to your hardwood floors is to sweep and/or vacuum regularly — ideally once a week for rooms that see a lot of foot traffic.


●        Stay away from buffing machines and steam mops | Buffing machines and steam mops can both cause damage to hardwood floors, so it is best to not use either of them on your wood floors.


●        Place felt pads under all of your furniture legs | One of the first things you should do when you get wood floors is to place felt pads under the legs of all your furniture. This will ensure your furniture does not scratch and gouge your wood floors — and it also makes furniture easier to move around when needed.



If Your Wood Floors Get Damaged, Be Sure to Contact Us!


No matter how well you protect your hardwood floors, they still may get scratched or damaged over time. But don’t worry, the great thing about hardwood floors is that they can be refinished. At UB Hardwoods in Plymouth, we’ll work with you to find the best ways to take care of and repair your hardwood floors. Contact us today at 763-807-4500.

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