A great way to give your home a spring makeover is by giving your floors a fresh look. If you have wood floors — or are considering adding wood floors to your home — the options are endless for what colors you can stain your floors.


Here are some of the top color trends for wood flooring for the coming year:


Dark | Black and dark wood floors have been popular for several years, and the trend is going strong.


Something to remember about dark-colored wood floors is that they show everything, so be prepared to keep your floors extra clean if you go this color route. (It’s worth noting that frequently cleaning your floors to keep them free of dust, dirt, and hair will extend the life of your floors, so maybe it’s a good thing dark floors show every speck.)


Cool tones | For people who are fans of black floors but want to avoid the extra sweeping, cool, darker tones, that have no red or yellow undertones are popular.


Gray | No surprise here, but gray is still a popular color choice throughout the design world, including for wood floors, because it serves as a neutral backdrop that goes with so many other colors and textures. If you are looking for a trendy and likely timeless color option, go for a smooth, silvery gray or a gray that has subtle hints of dark brown or ebony.


Natural | On the other end of the spectrum is going au natural. Natural-looking, light-colored floors are one of the most popular choices these days, but again — the trend is to go with cooler tones that don’t have a yellowish tint.


White | The whitewashed floors from the 1980s are back, but with a modern twist. Subtle white floors – so they look more natural – or white floors with a matte appearance are in for those looking for a more contemporary look.


These colors are trending in popularity, but the most important thing to consider when choosing a stain is to pick something you enjoy that will work with your lifestyle.


Before you DIY, Contact a Flooring Professional



Floor staining can be finicky and unpredictable, and not all species of wood works with every stain or color choice. Darkening or changing the color of your floors can reveal sanding marks and other imperfections in the wood that you did not see before. This is why it’s important to work with a flooring professional who will do the job right the first time, so you won’t have to re-sand the floor and start over again.


So before you grab your sander and get to work, contact UB Hardwoods in Plymouth at 763-807-4500 or stop by our showroom. We have the expertise and experience necessary to guide you through this project.

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