Most people understand the obvious advantages of switching to a hardwood floor – especially the luxurious appearance and the durability of wood flooring. But there are also other advantages, benefits that not everyone realizes at the time. Here are the top unexpected features that hardwood floors bring, and why they should influence your decision.


1. Improve Allergy Problems

Carpets are magnets for all kinds of allergens. They can house dust mites, trap pet dander, gather up pollen, and create other problems for anyone suffering from allergies in the house. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, don't trap anything and allow those allergens to be quickly cleaned up or filtered out without forcing them to stay. This is the biggest reason that hardwood flooring makes an excellent choice for those suffering from asthma or recurring bad allergies.


2. Add To Your Home Value

People really like wood flooring. Those obvious reason we mentioned above – appearance and durability – turn out to be really good selling points when people are looking for the house of their dreams. As a result, switching to hardwood floors is also a dependable way to raise the value of your home, and make it more attractive to buyers.


3. Get Better Sound For Your Entertainment System

Carpet will absorb and deaden sound, which is usually good but not always what you want near your entertainment system. Wood flooring, on the other hand, can reverberate and reflect sound, which tends to add more dimension to surround sound and is often better for immersion and subwoofers.


4. Help the Environment

Wood flooring is ultimately renewable – trees can be regrown after all, which makes wood flooring a more eco-friendly choice than many carpets and other materials. To really go the extra mile, make sure that your wood flooring is locally sourced (or as close as possible) so that it doesn't waste as much energy in transportation: Some brands can guarantee more eco-friendly materials than others, and we can help you find the right wood for your environmental peace of mind!


5. Future Repurposing

What happens when you decide to replace your carpet? It gets torn out and thrown away, every time. But if, sometime in the future, you or another homeowner decides to replace the hardwood floor, it can be repurposed! Reclaimed wood boards are very popular for many different furnitures, art, and yes, other flooring projects. There's a good chance that wood will never go to waste, even after it's no longer part of the same floor.


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