Hardwood floors can be a significant investment. In order to keep them looking brand new, homeowners need to avoid scuffs, scratches, and dings. That can be very difficult when managing heavier or larger pieces of furniture. Homeowners need to be proactive about the care of their hardwood floors if they want them to last a long time.

Be Careful When Using Rugs and Runners

Rugs and runners are frequently used to protect furniture, but they can actually cause damage over time if they aren't used properly. Rugs and runners should be carefully swept under and regularly cleaned -- otherwise they collect debris that can eventually scratch the floor beneath. Thicker or padded rugs are generally preferred under furniture, as otherwise the furniture may slide on them or dent the wood. 

Place Felt Pads Under Furniture Legs

Placing felt pads under furniture legs will help protect scratches while also making it far easier to move furniture as needed. Felt pads can be found at any home improvement store. They are similar to stickers and require no installation. Don't confuse them with plastic sliders -- while plastic sliders make it easier to move furniture, they can also cause damage to hardwood. This is especially true for softer woods.

Always Move Furniture When Cleaning

When cleaning, furniture should always be (carefully) moved and cleaned under. Hardwood floor may discolor or wear down unevenly if the furniture is always cleaned around rather than under. For this reason, it's also often advisable to change the layout of your room periodically. Moving your furniture while cleaning will also help you in reducing the amount of dust and dirt around your home.

Clean and Wax Hardwood Floors Regularly

Waxing does more than just improve the appearance of your hardwood floors -- it also protects it. When you wax your hardwood floors, you're creating a protective surface that will repel dust and resist scratches. The more frequently you clean and wax your floors, the better protected they will be. Just make sure that you're using cleaning products, waxes, and sealers that are specifically designed for your type of flooring.

If hardwood floors do become damaged due to furniture, all is not lost. Hardwood floors can still be refinished -- it's just not something a homeowner wants to do frequently. At UB Hardwoods, we can consult with you regarding the best ways to take care of and repair your hardwood floors.

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