There are some rooms that can seem to resist attempts at renovation. They may feel small or unpleasant or simply be oddly shaped. But a lot of these structural issues can be adjusted through careful design. Flooring is one of the major aspects of a home -- and one of the easiest ways to correct the appearance of a room.

Making Small Rooms Look Larger 

Small rooms can be made to look larger through a few simple tricks. Use large, light-colored planks throughout the room to make it seem both brighter and more expansive. Solid, smooth planks are generally preferred over beveled planks, because they will offer an unbroken appearance. Extending the flooring from the room to the halls -- keeping the same floor throughout the home -- can also make the area feel extended. 

Making Narrow Rooms Look Wider

There are many irregularly shaped rooms -- especially those in older homes. But these rooms can be utilized to their full extent through the proper renovations. When trying to make narrow rooms look wider, one of the easiest tricks is to use plank flooring and to install it lengthwise across the room. This will make the area seem more proportionate. Many homeowners make the mistake of using smaller planks in an attempt to make the room look wider, but this has the opposite effect. Larger and longer planks will appear to be less busy.

Making Dark Rooms Look Brighter

Brightening up a room can be easily done through flooring alone. The lighter the floor is, the more airy and open the room will appear. Some popular options are light hardwoods -- such as bleached maple -- and bamboo. The finish of the flooring can also matter Matte flooring will tend to absorb light, whereas glossy flooring will reflect it. This will brighten up the rest of the room, not just the floor.

With a new coat of paint and a good floor, most rooms can be dramatically altered. At UB Hardwoods, you can take a look at some of the best flooring options for you. UB Hardwoods has a wide inventory designed for all types of installations. Contact us today to get started!

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