Changing the color of hardwood floors doesn't require a complete replacement. In fact, one of the major benefits of hardwood flooring is that it can be resurfaced, refinished, and re-colored at any time. Hardwood floors can either be taken a darker color or a lighter color, depending on the wood itself, but the process always begins the same way: by removing the existing finish.

Removing the Finish of a Hardwood Floor

Most hardwood floors are already stained and colored. In fact, if your hardwood was stained and colored prior to installation, you may not actually be aware of the true color of your wood. Removing the finish of a hardwood floor is necessary before you try to color it; otherwise the staining and surfacing will not adhere. Unfortunately this does mean that textured hardwood floor may not be suitable to this process.

Lightening a Hardwood Floor

Lightening a hardwood floor is generally done through the use of whitewash or bleaching. Bleaching is exceptionally challenging to do correctly -- several applications of the bleach may be necessary to ensure that the color is uniform and consistent. When complete, however, bleaching can substantially lighten a floor. Lighter floors are often used to make a space look more expansive and airy. 

Darkening a Hardwood Floor

Darkening a hardwood floor generally requires nothing except a dark stain. Still, the previous finish will need to be removed or the floor will not take up the stain evenly over its surface. A darkened hardwood floor can then be polished and sealed as normal. Darker floors tend to make spaces look warmer, cozier, and more traditional. 

Coloring a Hardwood Floor

Whether lightening or darkening a hardwood floor, coloring can always be added. This is frequently done to give a "cherry" appearance to woods by adding redder tint -- but it can be done with essentially any color. In modern decor, hardwood floors may be given a gray or ashy coloring in order to appear cooler toned.

Both lightening and darkening a hardwood floor should be handled by a professional. Though the process of staining is fairly simple to complete, it's difficult to complete well. Without experience, a stainer could easily be left with hardwood that is patchy or inconsistent. UB Hardwoods has expert professionals with the knowledge necessary to complete your hardwood re-coloring without risk. Contact UB Hardwoods today for more information.

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