Whether you own hardwood or vinyl floors, no doubt you strive to take care of them. You invest in floor refinishing when needed and take great care to mop up spills as they happen. The result is a flooring that stays lovely for years to come—or is it? While all flooring will benefit from conscientious care, the reality is that many homeowners are accidentally damaging their investment without realizing it thanks to a few inconspicuous habits.

UB Hardwoods, your provider of Plymouth floor installation services, is here to help you take good care of what’s under your feet. Below, you’ll learn about a few unassuming practices that aren’t so unassuming as far as flooring is concerned—and what you can do instead.

Wearing Shoes in the House

We’ve actually written an entire flooring blog on this one: “How Taking Off Your Shoes Saves Your Flooring.” The short scoop, though, is this: even if you’re not actively tracking mud into the house, sharp debris like sand particles can still hitch a ride indoors on your shoes. As you walk across your floor, these particles get ground in. While you won’t notice any immediate damage, over time this can contribute to premature wear-and-tear.

Simply make it a custom to take off your outdoor shoes near the door and stow them away. Not only will your home be tidier and more well-organized, but your flooring will last longer, too.

Slacking on Dog Nail Care

What does pet grooming have to do with your floors? Quite a bit, in fact! Aside from the obvious hairball-tumble-weed issue, neglecting your animal in this respect can actually lead to gouges or scrapes on your flooring, courtesy of rambunctious romping and extra-long nails. While that look might be coveted if you’re seeking a manicure, it certainly isn’t as far as flooring maintenance is concerned!

Make it a point to trim your dog’s nails as soon as you can hear them clack across the floor. You’ll prevent accidental scrapes and scratches—and keep your pup quieter and happier, too.

Frequent Redecorating

Are you the type that loves rearranging rooms? Can you not seem to settle on a single design? Redecorating is a fun hobby, but if you’re frequently moving your furniture around without the proper protection, you could be scraping off your floor’s protective coating, leading to a dull look and potential damage.

Luckily, this is a simple problem to fix. Simply apply felt circles to furniture legs—or buy specially-made ones—to let you move furniture without scrapes or scuffles.

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