When it comes to wood floors, many homeowners primarily focus on what type of wood they’re buying and what color it is. It’s quite understandable! The former affects how long your investment lasts as well as its aesthetic feel, and the latter can make or break your decor.

However, one crucial consideration when it comes to hardwood often flies under the radar: finishing. Indeed, the clear stuff that’s applied over the top of your wood impacts everything from its longevity to even its shade. But when all finishes look the same, how can you tell which one is best?

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It’s About Finding the Right Finish, Not the Best Finish

Just like flooring, no hardwood floor finish is inherently better than another. While quality of course varies between brands, different types of finish accomplish different purposes depending on their composition, thus making a given finish a great fit for its matching household, but a terrible fit for another.

In short: focus less on finding the best and more on finding your objective best fit. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few features to consider.

Gloss Level

Some flooring finishes create a majestic shine, while others dry relatively unobtrusively. Whether you want a nice glint to your flooring or not boils down to personal preference and style. A Sleek and modern room, for example, might take well to a shiny sheen, while farmhouse-inspired decor may harmonize with a more muted finish.


Some hardwood floor fanatics like to refinish and re-stain their hardwood frequently to keep up with their chameleoning sense of style. These folks need a sturdy finish, sure, but they don’t necessarily need one that will last for decades. People looking for a low-maintenance, long-term investment, however, might benefit more from such a finish.

Sun and Traffic Protection

Some finishes protect from the sun better than others, but if the room you’re putting hardwood down in is fairly isolated—say, a basement—such a strength may be needless. Likewise, tough, traffic-resistant finishes are great for places like hallways, where their good qualities are much needed, but might not be necessary in a barely-used guest bedroom.

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