Wood floors come in tons of shapes and sizes; if you’re in the market for a new one, you’ve got no shortage of decisions to make! One that’s imperative you do right, though, is whether you buy your wood floor prefinished, with a protective layer applied atop, or unfinished—raw, in other words.

Well, you can cross that one off your to-decide list; U.B. Hardwoods is here to tell you why prefinished hardwood flooring is undoubtedly better. Below, you’ll learn all the ways that it outperforms its counterpart, courtesy of a floor installation pro.

What you See Is What you Get

Prefinished wood floors come right out of the package ready to be installed after acclimation. Unfinished floors, on the other hand, come out needing a little extra work in the installation department, and that work can drastically change the look of the floor at hand.

Factory-applied finishes typically yield a flooring just like you see in the picture you find while shopping for the stuff. A done-by-hand finish can yield results that, while perfectly functional, are significantly different—and when you’re putting a significant deal of money into your wood floors, you want the result to be exactly like you saw and imagined, which is why prefinished wood flooring is the better choice. We won’t even get into how different flooring finishes, even if they seem to be clear, can give a remarkably unique look and feel!

Prefinished Wood Floor Installation Is Quick

Of course, with a pro on your side, all installation is quick, relatively speaking—but if you want your wood floor installation job done in as little time as possible, go prefinished. Even though some finished advertise themselves as “quick dry,” already-dry always beats that out hands down.

Plus, no matter what type of finish you opt for, finishing hardwood is an ordeal, as this article from Angi describes. If you want the least amount of disruption to your life, choose prefinished; you’ll thank us later.

Prefinished Wood Floor Has a Lower Flooring Cost

Sure, buying unfinished might look cheaper outright,  but after you factor in the costs of labor and the finishing product itself, it’s hands-down more affordable to go the prefinished route. With unfinished hardwood, you’re essentially purchasing raw lumber that needs to be sanded, sometimes stained, and finished—and all that costs cash.

U.B. Hardwoods: Your Number-One Prefinished Wood Floor Distributor

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