Is your old flooring simply beyond repair? While there’s certainly something to be learned from this unfortunate situation – how to practice better floor care – don’t beat yourself up about it. All floorings, no matter the durability factor, will eventually need replacement, and these products are supposed to be used. What good would a flooring be if you couldn’t step on it, after all?

Look at it this way: Now you get to renovate your home with new replacement flooring! But what’s the right type? Certainly you don’t want the same thing to happen to your new flooring that happened to your old one, and there’s so much to consider otherwise.

Luckily, UB Hardwoods is here to help. Below, you’ll learn from the experts how to choose a new flooring that fits all your needs: durability, monetary, and stylistic.

Brief Tips for New Flooring Bliss

All floorings are different, and all families and businesses are different too. It’d be foolish of us to try to direct you towards any one type without fully understanding your needs—hence why our first recommendation is to drop by our Plymouth store for personalized service. You’ll get a much better feel for what will work well in your home or building with advice from the experts. With not only type to consider but brand as well, you’ll need it!

If you want to get started brainstorming beforehand, though, here are a few questions to point you in the right direction.


Do I plan to stay in my location for a while?

If so, you want to invest in the flooring of your dreams! If not, you probably would be better off with what’s currently in vogue so as to attract more potential buyers.


What kind of flooring have I always envied?

This may be hard to put your finger on, so consider architectural or design styles that speak to you instead and start from there. What kinds of flooring do they commonly use?


How water resistant do I need my flooring to be?

If you have kids or messy pets, vinyl floors might be a good idea; they’re as waterproof as they come. However, again, we won’t make any concrete recommendations until we meet you in person.

Shop UB Hardwoods and Find Your Perfect Match

Our Plymouth showroom is just waiting to hear from you. Drop by today and see our stock of hardwood flooring and more or give us a call at 763-807-4500 with your questions.

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