You’ve done your research. You’ve considered your options. It’s official: you’re sold on wood floors. Whether it’s the feel of wood underfoot or the longevity and durability of the flooring type that appeals to you, we at UB Hardwoods commend your choice. With the proper floor care, you’ll be beyond satisfied with your new hardwood floor.


However, the decision-making process isn’t over yet! When it comes to real wood flooring, you’ve got tons of options to pick from—engineered hardwood, laminate, and solid hardwood flooring, just to name a few. One flooring type isn’t inherently better than the other, but they all have certain properties that make them better flooring solutions for certain households more so than others.


Don’t fret. With a little help from UB Hardwoods, you’ll end up with the perfect flooring type for your home. We’re flooring experts, and this post will prove it! Below, we’ll talk a bit about a few of the wood flooring types available to you, as well as what types of households they may be best suited for.

Wood Flooring can Mean More Than One Thing

When people refer to wood flooring, they generally mean solid hardwood flooring—wood flooring that’s a single species of wood all the way through. That said, there’s more than one type of flooring that’s made with wood! Engineered hardwood flooring and laminate flooring also have partial wood construction, so if you seek the feel of the wood under your feet or a long-lasting, durable product, you have options.


Which of those options might be right for you?


●        Choose laminate flooring if you’re looking for durability on a budget | Laminate flooring is made with particleboard and has an image of your chosen flooring type superimposed on top of it. It can stand up to heavy wear without a high price tag.

●        Choose engineered hardwood if you don’t want the maintenance of hardwood | Hardwood floors, as long-lasting as they are, do require regular upkeep. Engineered hardwood flooring requires far less periodic maintenance than its hardwood brethren, yet still looks and feels similarly.

●        Choose solid hardwood if you’re ready for a long-term investment | Hardwood can outlast other wood flooring types if it’s well-cared for, but that care is an investment of both time and money. If you want a flooring that can stand the test of time, though, solid hardwood is your best bet.

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