The skies are clearing, the roads are turning to slush, and the songbirds are beginning to return to roost in the bushes—spring is finally here! If you’re like many homeowners in the Midwest, the warming air makes you want to spring into action and do a top-down cleaning of your home. It’s time to shake off the dust and dreariness of the winter and make way for the new beginnings spring brings! Your floors, no doubt, will appreciate a bit of attention during this process, too. Water and road de-icers tracked in during the winter months can render themselves quite hard on certain floor types, and the mud brought in as the weather warms can also prove similarly.


While UB Hardwoods, we commend you for taking your floors into account during your spring cleaning, we also want to caution you of potential hazards and harms that can result from doing so improperly. These hazards and harms can range from wasted time to a floor in need of complete replacement. The smart, on-top-of-it homeowner will research and read up on how to do spring cleaning right.


Below, we’ll discuss some common mistakes homeowners make while spring cleaning, in addition to money- and time-saving alternatives.

There’s a Right and Wrong Way to Do Floor Care

You might find it a little silly that a flooring blog is doing a post about cleaning. After all, isn’t our expertise floors and floors alone? Well, yes and no. While we at UB Hardwoods consider ourselves experts in everything from wood floors to vinyl floors, we also are well-versed in tips and tricks for various flooring types, alongside floor refinishing. We know that there’s a right and wrong way to take care of your floors, and that doing things the right way can have drastic effects on your flooring’s longevity and appearance.


So, what’s the right way to do spring cleaning?


●        Don’t drench your hardwood floors or your engineered hardwood floors | These types of flooring don’t appreciate a good mopping, as the water can cause them to swell. Use only products specifically designed for these flooring types.

●        Consider hardwood floor refinishing | Don’t waste your time trying to clean up scrapes or stains that simply cannot be removed. If you’ve been considering refinishing, now is the perfect time to invest in floor refinishing for your hardwood.

●        Always vacuum before mopping | Yes, even if your floors look clean! Pet hair and dust won’t dissolve underneath even the most vigorous mopping jobs.

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