With snow falling all around and holiday music mumbling in the background, a perfect, picturesque winter’s night is the best time to curl up and get cozy. If you’re thinking about replacing your flooring right about now, you’re in luck. With the right flooring type, you could make a cozy winter’s night even cozier! Certain flooring types transmit heat better than others, while others simply feel soft and comfortable underfoot.


Curious about the cozy factor? UB Hardwoods, vendor of hardwood floors, tile and stone flooring, vinyl flooring, and carpet, gives you the lowdown on what flooring types we think have the highest “comfort” rating for those cold winter nights.

For Comfortable Feet, There’s Nothing Quite Like Carpet

No matter if it’s nylon or triexta, carpet is undeniably king when it comes to coziness, especially during the winter months. Countless colors and materials give you a ton of flexibility when it comes to texture and aesthetic. Triexta carpeting, for example, tends to have a matte finish to it, while polyester carpet tends to have a shinier look. No matter what vibe you’re going for in your room, there’s a carpet type to fit it. Almost any family with almost any lifestyle can afford the comfort of a soft, fuzzy, carpeted room! As a bonus, many of the types of carpet UB Hardwoods carries are stain-resistant, which makes them great choices for families with kids or pets.


If you’re looking for the ultimate in softness, though, wool carpeting is where it’s at. It is durable, luxurious, springy, a great insulator, and as a bonus, it’s fire resistant. If you have a room with a fireplace, wool might be a wonderfully safe choice.

Don’t Discount Ceramic Tile!

Yes indeed, ceramic tile flooring can also render itself quite cozy under the right circumstances. It tends to let heat pass through it. This means if your room is warm, this flooring type will also be warm! Ceramic tile is gorgeous, versatile, and extremely durable, which makes it a great fit for kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms alike. For extra coziness, consider installing a radiant flooring heating system and reap the full benefits of this temperature-transmitting flooring type.

Don’t Know the Right Flooring for You? UB Hardwoods of Plymouth is Here to Help

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