Hardwood flooring is super easy to keep clean and care for, but it is important to have a cleaning routine to ensure your wood floors continue to look great for years to come.


Here are some tips for cleaning your hardwood floors the right way:


Vacuum or sweep every week


It doesn’t look great when your floors have dust, debris, or pet hair on them, but that is not why you should make sure to vacuum or sweep your hardwood floors on a regular basis. When you walk on debris, it can create abrasions on wood floors, which can scratch the finish of the floors. If you choose to vacuum, make sure you do not use one with a beater bar attachment, instead use the floor-brush attachment or use the “bare floor” setting on the vacuum.


If you do not like hauling out the vacuum, sweeping with a microfiber dust mop is a great alternative.


Use the correct cleaning products


Vacuuming and sweeping won’t remove all the grime that has built up on your floor over time, so you will occasionally need to do a deep cleaning of your wood floors. You will want to get a cleaner that is specifically meant to be used on hardwood floors. UB Hardwoods and Flooring recommends Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner as it is designed for today’s finishes.


Some cleaning products can damage your floors, so you will want to stay away from using water, bleach and wax-based cleaning products.


Follow the directions exactly


When it is time to deep clean your hardwood floors, be sure to follow the directions on the cleaner’s label. You also want to make sure you are not using too much liquid, because standing water can damage and warp wood floors. To avoid getting too much liquid when you are cleaning, be sure to saturate a rag or mop with your chosen cleaning solution and wring it out thoroughly so the rag or mop is damp, not wet. When you are all through cleaning your hardwood floors, be sure to wipe up any excess water with a clean, dry towel.


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