Installing new hardwood floors is a big decision. There are a variety of choices, colors, and styles to choose from. Making the right selection is easier with the right company, like UB Hardwoods, and the knowledge they bring to you. Consider the following five tips to help you get started on selecting the right floors for your home or business.

Room Usage

The choice of hardwood flooring should consider the amount of foot traffic through the room. High traffic areas benefit from using stronger woods with darker stains and having a thick, final clear coat finish that is as durable as possible. If there is a possibility of spills happening in a room, the darker stains will show less evidence of a spill after it is cleaned up.

Furniture Style and Room Aesthetics

Beautiful interior design includes blending colors and styles that are complimentary. Complimentary does not necessarily mean having similar colors. Sometimes, the best looks are achieved by working with an element of contrast. For example, having a lighter shade for hardwood flooring might be a good choice if the furniture placed in the room is darker.

Architectural Style of the Home

The better choices of hardwood flooring for a contemporary style home will be very different than flooring installing in a traditional style home. Current trends are using the lighter-colored woods and stains for modern style homes and darker woods and stains for traditional style homes.

Natural and Interior Lighting

One thing to be careful about is the effect of lighting, or lack thereof, in the rooms that will have new hardwood flooring. Darker flooring benefits from having plenty of natural light coming through the windows or stronger interior lighting. If the flooring is stained with a darker color and the lighting is low; this can make a room feel smaller and confined. The opposite is also true. If there is a lot of natural light coming into the room and the flooring is light-colored; this can create a reflective surface that makes everything in the room feel too bright.

Impact on Home Resale Value

In general, hardwood flooring increases the resale value of a home. Real estate brokers recommend choosing hardwood flooring that is one of the more popular styles, rather than unique custom choices. Choosing popular hardwood flooring, which appeals to the most people, increases the chances of getting good resale value for the home.

Work with the experts at UB Hardwoods to get a free quote and to understand the magnificent array of choices in hardwood flooring, stains, and finishes. Review the gallery photos to see what is attractive and be sure to note the details of your home regarding these five considerations to help make a good choice.

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