Buying hardwood floors or engineered hardwood flooring is no cheap investment; any responsible flooring company will tell you this! These wood floors are designed to last through thick and thin, and designed to serve your family and business for many years with proper maintenance.


Any responsible flooring company will tell you that taking steps to prevent scratches on your floors goes a long way when it comes to prolonging their viability. Below, UB Hardwoods, a Plymouth, Minnesota floor installation service, explains a few less-than-obvious hardwood hazards, as well as a few simple things you can do to protect your floors from harm.

Gouges, Scrapes, and Scuffs: Hardwood Floor Damage in a Nutshell

It isn’t just dropped kitchen knives and other sharp objects that can cause your hardwood floors to hurt; anything that is driven into them hard enough or over a prolonged period of time can result in damage and blemishes. Keep an eye out for:


●        Untrimmed dog nails | While the click-clack of puppy paws on your hardwood is adorable, each of your dog’s footsteps has the potential to put a deep gouge in your hardwood. Trimming or filing your dog’s nails down every few weeks can help save not only your hardwood floors but your linoleum floors too if you have them.

●        Dirt | Yes, dirt. While its appearance is certainly unsightly, fine grains of sand and other particles can be ground into your hardwood with every step you take, which results in the wearing down of its finish over time. While it’s nearly impossible to prevent all kinds of dirt damage, a daily sweeping routine goes a long way.

●        Your furniture | While stationary furniture doesn’t pose much of a hardwood hazard, mobile pieces, such as chairs, can cause scrapes if they move back and forth across the same path every day. Leg caps for your chairs and other pieces of furniture that move around frequently can keep your hardwood looking fresh.

●        Shoes | Always tell your guests not to walk on your hardwood floors with their outside shoes! Tracking in any unnecessary dirt does a number on your hardwoods’ finish. Use rugs and welcome mats whenever possible, and impose a “shoes off in the house” rule with any children in the household.


Need Flooring Maintenance? UB Hardwoods is Here to Help

No matter how well you take care of your floors, all hardwoods will need maintenance eventually. For efficient, top-of-the-line hardwood care, give UB Hardwoods of Plymouth a call today at 763-807-4500.

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