Now that you have installed oak, maple or cherry hardwood flooring, you may wonder how to clean your new floors. One way to ensure longevity is to keep the floors free from dirt and moisture. Dusting the floors with a simple dust mop keeps your floors looking fresh and clean. For crumbs and debris, sweep the floors with a broom. You can also vacuum your floors with a special floor attachment.

Do Not Clean Hardwood Flooring with Excessive Liquids Unless the Floors are Finished

After the installation of hardwood flooring in your living room, dining room or master bedroom, brush up on the correct way to maintain your floors. Unlike tile and stone or vinyl floors requiring more intensive scrubbing with water, wood flooring merits a different approach. Proper hardwood floor care involves cleaning the wood with an extremely mild cleaning solution. Avoid using any type of soap on your floors. Instead, clean them with a special formula designed for cleaning hardwood floors. Using too much water may damage the floors because the wood can eventually rot. In addition, excessive moisture on a cherry or maple floor could damage the finish. However, if you have gone to the trouble to make sure your floors are finished, water is not a problem. But you do not want to go overboard with a mop and bucket filled with a soapy mixture.

Wear Shoes When Walking on Hardwood Floors

If you want people to remove their shoes and place them by the door, you may need to change your mindset. One way to keep your new floors looking young is to ask everyone to wear shoes or slippers at all times. Oddly enough, walking barefoot on extremely dark hardwood floors risks leaving unsightly footprints requiring additional cleaning. Floors may also lose some of their original luster because the natural oils in your feet can actually cause damage. In addition, some physicians recommend wearing shoes when walking on oak or maple planks simply because the hardness of the wood is merciless on delicate feet.

Enjoy the Beauty of Your Newly Installed Hardwood Floors

When your floors start to look dull, consider hardwood floor refinishing as a solution. If you love the look of your floors, you will want to keep them looking their best for many years. With natural wood floors instead of carpets, your house takes on an entirely new ambiance.

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