Whether you’re complementing a new kitchen set, rearranging the living room or are removing the carpet, hardwood flooring is an awesome home addition. A floor remodel is a valuable project, and it can revitalize your home for the new year. If you’re considering a floor replacement, check out the great benefits below. UB Hardwoods is here to help, and it’s already making an impact across many homes.

Hardwood Floors Look Antique

Because modern hardwood floors include wider planks, reclaimed wood or even hand-scraped wood, they can add a highly antique look to your home. In fact, a lot of homeowners select exotic hardwood species, like walnut or hickory, to promote a comfortable, yet memorable, environment.

Hardwood Floors Don’t Hold Dust

Do you have animals? You’re in luck. Hardwood floors don’t hold dust, and they’re incredibly cleanable. Check out laminate flooring options, and pay attention to your home’s maintenance needs. If you take care of your hardwood flooring, you can make sure your living area is refinished for success.

Hardwood Flooring is a Great Carpet Alternative

Per square foot, hardwood flooring only costs several dollars more than carpet. A lot of homeowners opt to install hardwood flooring in specific rooms—rather than their entire house. The result is a tactically stained, clean-cut design. Hardwood lasts a long time, and it’s an excellent “frame” for heavy-traffic areas.

Hardwood Flooring is Low-Temperature

There’s a reason Florida residents choose between ceramic tile flooring and hardwood. Both are incredibly low-temperature, and they’re awesome insulators. When evaluating your budget, consider the price of comfort. Your family’s preferences, traditions and community needs shouldn’t be neglected. You may find yourself mingling on the hardwood on hot summer days—or even on cold winter nights.

UB Hardwoods has been in the renovation business for years. Our family understands your home’s needs, and we’re capable of remodeling your entire house to support a great look. Installing a new hardwood floor is far more affordable than replacing everything. If you want to secure the look of a lifetime, you need to create a space which can be repurposed, refinished and revitalized. Check out UB Hardwoods today, and ask us about our different flooring options. Whether you’re looking for a hardwood installation, vinyl floors, tile or stone, we’re here to help.

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