If you’ve invested in the help of the pros for your wood flooring installation, you’ve made a smart choice! Get ready for a beautiful home renovation courtesy of UB Hardwoods—completely stress-free. While we guarantee when working with us your floor installation will be hands-off, preparing yourself and your home for the installation ensures a quick and seamless process.

Don’t worry, though; this preparation isn’t rocket science! In fact, it’s simple enough to be covered in a single blog post. UB Hardwoods details the best way to do it with the tips below.

Plan Logistically Around the Room

No matter if you’re doing your installation yourself or hiring the help of a pro, you’ll want to stay out of the space in which work is being done. Not only do you want to keep out of your help’s hair, but the worksite can be home to a variety of sharp objects—exposed nails, tools, you name it.

Do yourself a favor and think ahead about how you’ll get around your home before your work crew arrives. It might be a bit inconvenient, but that’s exactly why you hired a pro: so the work will be finished in a jiffy.

Remove All the Furniture

It’s an unfortunate reality of the flooring process: your team will need a clean space in order to do their work. While it’s not necessary to remove wall decor (though in some cases it can be appreciated), anything that touches the ground must be moved to a separate location.

Again, this would need to happen regardless of who was doing your flooring work; a professional ensures that things get back to normal, as far as furniture is concerned, as quickly as possible.

You can also lend your team a helping hand by making sure they’ve got a clear route to their trucks and back to the target area. Since floor installation involves quite a bit of back-and-forth, wide-open, clutter-free hallways can make sure your floor installation team can work quickly and efficiently.

Protect Pre-Existing Flooring

If needed, we’ll absolutely remove our boots when walking on the rest of your home’s flooring. We understand how valuable of an investment it is, after all! That being said, it definitely speeds along the process if workers can get back and forth from truck to workspace to project area without fussing with their footwear.

We thus recommend that you lay some sort of temporary flooring protectant down—and it doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive! Cardboard or interconnecting runner rugs that you don’t mind getting dirty work great. 

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