As the world reels in the wake of the coronavirus, many homeowners are making the most out of the turmoil, buckling down and giving their homes the deep clean they so desperately need. If you’re one of these people, we at UB Hardwoods, as vendors of hardwood flooring and tile and stone flooring, commend you. It isn’t easy to stay on top of things with the current global state of affairs, but by doing so, you’re keeping your family safe, and relieving your stress and giving yourself a much-needed sense of power and autonomy.

In the middle of all this cleaning and disinfecting, don’t forget your floors! No matter how clean your family keeps their feet, contaminates can still hitch a ride on shoes, socks, and even toes. Your floors are just as in need of proper sanitation as your counters, doorknobs, and home appliances. However, just like anyone who has ever cleaned a home will attest to, there’s a right and wrong way to disinfect your floors, and the proper sanitation methods can vary depending on what your flooring is made out of. If you do it wrong, you very well could damage your flooring beyond repair!

While this is a broad and wide-reaching topic, UB Hardwoods, as seasoned providers of versatile flooring, breaks it down below.

Don’t Just Wipe it Down it and Call it a Day

First and foremost: bleach won’t clean everything! It, for example, should be used only sparingly, if at all, on your hardwood floors. Since wood is naturally absorbent, bleach can easily deteriorate your wood floors. Use only products that both kill germs and are explicitly on the bottle deemed safe for the type of flooring you have. This isn’t a line of thinking reserved for hardwood owners—all flooring types are better sanitized by certain products versus others. In addition, all flooring types, as stated above, are better cleaned via certain processes instead of others.

For example, keep in mind:

●        Wool carpet can be fickle | As long-lasting as it is, wool carpet requires a specific cleaning process in order to avoid damage. We at UB Hardwoods would be happy to advise you on how to safely take care of your wool carpet.

●        Other carpet types can best be cleaned with a steam cleaner | Everyday vacuums are good for just that: everyday use. When you need a deeper sanitation job, it’s time to break out the steam cleaners to remove that ground-in grime.

●        Stone flooring requires you to scrub the grout | Get in there with a toothbrush if you have to! Bacteria love to hide just where your mop or wash rag can’t reach. It might require a bit more elbow grease, but at the end of the day, you’ll feel better for it.

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