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Other Flooring Installation

Other Flooring Installation 

In addition to hardwood flooring installation, we are also expert in the installation of vinyl, tile, stone and carpet floor systems. Each brings with it a specialized set of skills, equipment and understanding of the work to be done. Our installation teams are equipped with industry-specific tools and the experience necessary to tackle any flooring job.

Ceramic tiles are set in beds of mortar or mastic with the joints between tiles grouted. Although some tiles may be self-adhesive, these are commonly the do-it-yourself budget variety, and may not perform as well as the grouted version. 

Certain types of resilient flooring are made of materials that have some elasticity, giving the flooring a degree of flexibility. These are available in large sheets or pre-cut tiles, and either come with pre-applied adhesive for peel-and-stick installation or require adhesive to be troweled on to the substrate. 

Carpeting is typically manufactured in widths of 12 feet, and can be seamed together with a seaming iron or seaming tape. It is then affixed to the subfloor, typically with a cushioned underlay, using tack strips or adhesive, and occasionally with decorative metal stair rods if being installed on steps. 

In many applications, a transition from one floor type to another may be called for – the kitchen tile gives way to living room carpet, or the hardwood dining area transitions to ceramic flooring in the hallway. Such progression must aesthetically complement the décor and provide utility value for the longevity of the adjoining floor systems. There is no room for error when installing floor covering in a large area – a misalignment of 1/16th of an inch at one end may translate into a several inches at the opposing end. We are craftsmen of the highest caliber, paying the greatest attention to the details that satisfy every client we work for.

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