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Hardwood Flooring

4 High Quality Hardwood Finishes for Remodel Projects

Restoring hardwood floors in high traffic living spaces is an effective way to add new life to your house, while enhancing its resale value and eye-appeal. The stain you add to your floors is not only a reflection of your personal taste, but it can make a big difference in the look and feel of a room. Consider the following hardwood stains for your next remodel project.

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2016's Top 5 Flooring Trends

Are you a homeowner who is searching for a way to improve the way your Golden Valley, Minnesota area home looks without a full remodel? Changing your flooring is an effective method of doing so. The following are some of 2016's top flooring trends that you might want to take note of:

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How to Choose the Perfect Hardwood Flooring Color for Your House

Hardwood floors are the perfect finish for your home, but sometimes choosing the right color is the hardest part. You see the flooring throughout your home, so you see it all the time. Don't panic when it comes time to pick out a stain - just follow these tips to fall in love with your house.

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Contemporary Luxury Homes with Old-World Charm

There is something incredible about a home with hardwood flooring. While we appreciate the easy care and maintenance of vinyl floors and the exquisite beauty of tile and stone, we have to admit that in the decades of UB Hardwoods being in the flooring business in Golden Valley, Minnesota, hardwood floors are still our favorite. There are plenty of good reasons for this idea.

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Before Installing New Flooring Consider the Option to Restore Vintage Solid Wood Flooring

UB Hardwoods has decades of great customer service in Golden Valley, Minnesota and the surrounding areas. We would love to install brand new solid hardwood flooring or manufactured hardwood flooring in any of the beautiful homes in the area. The results would be fantastic.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Bamboo Flooring

Wood flooring continues to be a popular choice for homeowners who are searching for a new material to replace what already exists in their home or to have installed in their new home. Some types of wood flooring, though, can be inappropriate when it comes to certain conditions such as higher levels of humidity. Bamboo can offer homeowners many advantages over traditional wood flooring, including being resistant to moisture. Other benefits of choosing bamboo flooring include:

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Pets and Hardwood Flooring: Is It a Lost Cause?

Do you love the appearance of hardwood flooring, but cringe when you think of your pets? Maintaining attractive hardwood flooring while still having animal companions isn't impossible, it's just a challenge. There are a few things that you can do to make it easier on both you and your floors.

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Wide Boards or Narrow: What Wood Floor Will Look the Best in Your Home?

Most flooring is available in several different width options, ranging from narrow boards to very wide boards. Because width is immediately noticeable and has such an impact on the pattern of boards, it can be a very important choice when achieving the right appearance. Read on to compare wide vs. narrow boards and see which would work best for you.

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Gray Wood Flooring: Is This Trend Worth Your Time?

Gray wood flooring is a new and growing trend, especially for more modern-style homes. If this bleached, gray look sounds like something you want in your home, here's quick FAQ to help you decid

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Treat Your Hardwood Floors with Love and Attention

Are you on the watch for wood flooring that's truly eco-friendly and sustainable? Take a look at some of the latest efforts in this field before making your choice.

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